Monday, February 1, 2010

Liar Game!!

Its been so long since I last updated this blog. It just that I didn't know what to say anymore, its like my brain was frosted. Well this is what happened when you spent your time in front of a computer (with an internet connection) every single day.
GET A LIFE, MATE!!!(talking to myself...huhuh)

I still didn't have anything wise to say, but I really need to write something before this blog was covered with spider's web. Hahaha.

Just wanted to inform my fellow OTAKU about a really interesting anime I've been watching lately.

Liar Game

Yes, I agree. The drawing was not as good as Bleach or Naruto, but the storyline was far better than Naruto and Bleach. And of course its LOGIC, not something supernatural or fantasy.

As it's name, this anime was about a game where we need to lie in order to win. The game was organised by a secret company, LGT Corporation. Kanzaki Nao, a foolishly honest student accidentally entered the Liar Game. With the helps of Shinichi Akiyama, a legendary swindler that was just been released from the prison for the crime of tricking one of the largest company into bankruptcy, Kanzaki Nao needed to win all the game or else, she would be put in a huge debt for the rest of her life.

My favourite thing about this anime was actually Akiyama. Akiyama was actually a graduate in Psychology of Human. It really impressed me how he could use his mind to do something that we couldn't even think.

Watching this anime had really made me wanted to be a psychologist even more. It made me realized how psychology actually played a powerful role in our life. The rule is simple, if we are able to steer other people's mind in any way we want, the game is our's.


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