Sunday, December 27, 2009

Arghhhh!!! Stop this right now...



someone please HELP ME!!!!

my heart was thumping as if it would burst anytime now.....seriously....knowing that the results for PMR was out really made me worried....what should I do???..yeah...yeah..I know PMR doesn't have anything to do with just that when I saw those who excelled in brain made me think about SPM.....what will happen to me when the results is out???...would i fail?? argh...stop this thought already

I just couldn't throw this thought out of my head......please....what should I do????


MPA 08/09 said...

ko ni wat aku cuak la..
nge.aku pon takot gak. da la adik aku dpt 9a. huhu

(zida ni-terguna blog len plak)

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