Thursday, December 31, 2009

I really miss you all so damn much!!

31 Disember 2009 :

9.30 a.m

-woke up from my beuty sleep...
-woke my cousin Amin up
-took a bath
-wear fancy cloth

10.20 a.m

-get in the car
-mom send me to the KTM
-buy the ticket

10.55 a.m

-the train arrive
-didnt get a seat
-filled my ear with songs from my mp4

12.oo noon

-arrived at mid valley
-call Izzat using a public phone (can someone please buy me a handphone???)
-meet Ahmad. Izzat, and Safi at Secret Recipe beside the MPH....(Me, Izzat, and had been always the three of us since form 1)
-have a nice long chat with them
-ordered a slice of Chocolate Indulgence (its a wise me)

12.35 p.m

-Asyraf Rabbani, Safwan Razif, and Asyraf Zaidi arrived at the Secret Recipe chat...
-Ordered something (i can't remeber what)....Safwan Razif took the chance to flirt with the cute waiter...(huhuh,,,just kidding)

1.05 p.m

-marched towards the cinema
-Izzat and Safwan lined up
-bought nine tickets to watch movies
-the price is RM7 for me (huhuh... luckily i brought my Kisas' student(matrix) card) and for the others is RM 12..

1.30 p.m

-went to the bowling centre...(i hate that place actually...its too noisy)
-took 2 lane (1 with four player and another 1 with 3 player)
-Safwan Razif took the first place and Izzat the second place...I got 4th....
-Ammar and Zaid arrived at the bowling centre...( haven't met them like forever)(Ammar was my classmate when I'm 10 and he moved away when we were 11) (Last time I saw Zaid was when I'm 12)

2.05 p.m

-perform the zohor prayer
-buy the popcorn

2.25 p.m

-Hall 12 is ready to be seated
-pass the GSC's worker (should have snuck in some food...they didn't even check the bag...urghh)
-took our seat
-something goes wrong with the screen
-people (Safi is included..huhuh) starts making noises before they finally managed to fix the problem.

5.15 p.m

-the movie ended
-get out of the cinema
-perform the Asar prayer
-have our 'lunch' at McD

6.30 p.m

-time to go home
-Safwan Razif, Asyraf Rabbani, and Asyraf Zaidi departs on motorcycles
-Izzat, Ahmad, Zaid, and Ammar hop into the train
-Me and Safi stayed there waiting for the KTM to be less crowded (I forced Safi to stay with me...huhuh...pity him)

6.55 p.m

-we sit on a big, round rock outside the Midvalley
-watching the view

7.15 p.m

-perform the maghrib prayer
-stopping at the Big Apple on the way back
-I bought 'The Alien' and Safi bought 'Pink Twister'

7.50 p.m

-time to go home (again)
-buy the ticket to Kajang
-Safi headed to KL Central
-Hop into the train...(it must be my lucky day...the train was not full of people....thank God)
-Managed to get a seat (woohoo)

8.30 p.m

-Arrive at Kajang KTM Station
- took a cab
-chit-chatting with the cab driver....(about the new year...drunk passenger....najib...pak lah...mahathir and stuff)
-oh..oh..and this is the happened during we chat..

Pak Cik Teksi : Whoa, bandar Kajang banyak jam la ini hari..
Aku : Orang semangat nak sambut New Year, uncle....standard la tuh
Pak cik Teksi : Adik kirija (kerja) mana?
Aku : Xdelah uncle....saye x kerje lagi la...bru lepas abes SPM...tgh tunggu result lgi nieh
Pak Cik Teksi : bia butul...baru habis SPM (ngan nada terkejut) ....muka pun sudah macam bapak orang juga la....
Aku (dalam hati) : Ko xtau ak sbenanyer bru 16..
Aku : btul la uncle watper sye nk tpoo ...
Pak cik Teksi : owh ye ke....bru abes SPM...(sambil mengangguk)

p/s : moral of this stories...ak dh tue dh sebenanyer

9.00 p.m

-arrived at home after stucked at the town for nearly 20 minutes
-check out the computer....300 had been successfully downloaded
-get into my room
-saw cousin Amin still 'mecek' with his laptop
- watch How I Met Your Mother...(seriously dude...this series is hilarious..especially Barney)

10.00 p.m

-heard fireworks bombing in the sky
-thought had been 12 o'clock or something
- cursing the bastards that played the fireworks behind my house....they did this every years...hate them..(I don't mean like Mercun Bola or something...its the real deal...the one that they usually launch at KLCC or Dataran Merdeka)

1 January 2010 :

12.00 a.m

-Again the fireworks...
-still cursing them
-Oh...and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you

1.00 a.m

-help cousin Amin pack his bag

1.30 a.m


Miss you guys so much!!!


zida said...

hehe. jadi gak korg jumpe??

Principessa Umar said...


adobemujahidcs3 said...


sedey bleh lak loope nk bwk kamera...
tepakse amek gamba gner kamera kt mp4...
buruk gler...huhuhuh

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