Monday, December 28, 2009


"AVATAR -A Satanic based Movie by Freemason/Illuminati Agent, James Cameron. - Avatar is the latest Film release by Illuminati member, Director James Cameron.

This movie is currently pushing the envelope in terms of special effects technology.
Masonic Illuminati director, James Cameron, says it took over a decade to complete the film because the technology available a decade ago did not do his vision of "Avatar" justice. So James Cameron waited for the right effects to be invented, then he completed the project.

This analysis is the real history behind the James Cameron Movie: "Avatar"

The Movie Avatar is a film by Director, James Cameron, that is over ten years in the making, but even longer in the context of the subliminal message this film is designed to send to the masses.

Without the following knowledge, these films could be dangerous to the impressionable "Sheeple" out there who believe everything they hear on television :)

The movie Avatar deals with extra-terrestrial life threatening the status quo of Humans trying to exploit an alien world for its valuable natural resource.

The theme of this entire James Cameron film is to promote the existence of extra-terrestrial "alien life" by Illuminati controlled Hollywood interests, of which Director James Cameron is a member.

James Cameron is yet another well known satan worshipping Mason and member of the Illuminati.

This study will bring further insight into this entertainment industry, and show you how all major big budget films released by Illuminati controlled Hollywood entertainment industry are meant to elicit a controlled response from the masses they reach, to prepare the public, which they refer to as "The Sheep" for their future "New World Order" related deceptions.

The entire Movie/Entertainment industry is a well financed satanic psychological war operation being executed upon the public right before their eyes.

Just like all the other Illuminati controlled industry, the Movie/Entertainment industry is a tool designed to advance their agenda of a "New World Order" and the deceptions that come along with it.

The Movie AVATAR incorporates many Illuminati themes and symbology, such as the genetic manipulation and blending of species to make the Illuminati indoctrinated "evolved human prototype"

The Na'vi alien-humanoid race in 'Avatar' are hybrids that can incorporate the DNA of their operators/hosts.

This DNA swapping theme is a practice occurring in reality today, in many clandestine Illuminati supported military facilities, in which the combining of animal and Human DNA is an unethical satanic practice to breed hybrid alien looking Humans in contradiction to God's Laws, and the very laws of nature.

AVATAR's Illuminati Filmakers promoting the "Alien Genre"-James Cameron and Stephen Spielberg. From E.T. to Avatar, these Illuminati themes have been the same in the last generation.

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